Rumors: iPhone 6 coming out with 5 inch.

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Nowadays, Apple is one of the best companies in smartphone area, it seems that Apple preaches to make radical changes in the market, where there is a lot of rumors in so much Websites and magazines tell that is giant company plans to release iPhone 6 with 5 inch the next year. Moreover, It is also will release a new iPad with 12.9 inch. So, this is absolutely going to give to the community fictional profits without doubtful. There a fact most people don't know it, that is plurality of Samsung devices users they don't prefer its devices due to the size of big screen without talking about Android system surely.

Also there some news tell that the community (Apple) is testing new screens their size around 4.8 and 6 inch in order to use them in the future, it's sure to face other companies such as HTC and LG, Samsung also Sony. I am sure that Apple will face them strongly because it has a good reputation in smartphone market regardless of its good product in the side of thickness and speed also the high security and configuration.
iPhone 6 coming out leaked pictures
iPhone 6 coming out

When is the iphone 6 coming out ?
 In the 9th Semptember Apple has planned to make a big event like every year, according to famous websites and rumors, the iPhonr 6 will be announced and released in that event and it will be available to purchase in the 19th Septembre which means the iPhone 6 coming out will be in the market after a week.

Dear readers now after reading this new, will you think to purchase the new iPhone 6 if it'll release with bigger screen ?

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