New phones coming out in 2014

New phones coming out in 2014
Today, a smartphone is a life's part of intellectual people and those whom interested in technology. In this article we are going to provide you the best new smartphone coming out in 2014, of course there are numberless new smartphones coming out in 2014 but we mentioned the most prominent ones which are iPhone 6 from Apple, Galaxy S5 from Samsung and Xperia Z2 from Sony. For sure one day you asked yourself if you either interested in smartphones or a geek or phones store owner etc .. How these new phones coming out in 2014 will be like, undoubtedly you did ask yourself this question that is why we are going to uncover your abstraction by giving you some details about these phones we mentioned above coming out in 2014.

iPhone 6

So, first let's start by iPhone 6 coming out from Apple. that phone where will this community do its best in technology to go one better than other communities which are really hard competitors Samsung and HTC.. The phone will come with amazing specifications, 12MP in camera and storage between 16G - 128GB, system iOS 8, M7X and A7X processors, iPhone 6 may have 4.9-inch display and much more options about the price will be depend on what storage you choose, about the release date it's obvious that the device will be released in 2014 but there is no exact source that determine which month will be available. Read more …
Samsung Galaxy S5

Now, we move to another kind of smartphones which is Galaxy S5, it has a different operating system of course when we talk about Samsung's smartphones we talk about Android and this latter is powered by Google. Galaxy S5 is really one of the most expected smartphones coming out in 2014 because there are some speeches that ensure Galaxy S5 will be the best. Anyway, let's see what this smartphone will come with (specifications), 64-Bit Processor, Iris Scanning Tech, Quad HD Display, Metal, Semi-Rugged Body, Improved 16-MP Camera, Android 4.4 KitKat, and the date release probably will be around January or February. Read more …

Sony Xperia z2

The last one in this post will end by the Xperia Z2 coming out which really good phone with amazing specifications that cannot other phone use or has such as taking pictures into the water and other unique options Sony is focusing more on Xperia Z2 because as we know in the smartphone market a big competition exist. Anyway, let us see what will Xperia Z2 come with, 2GB of RAM, 20.7MP, Xenon flash instead of the LED and operating system remains the same with Galaxy s5 Android 4.4 KitKat. Read more …

They were the best smartphones coming out in 2014, there are more than these phones you can check them out in our blog and Subscribe here.
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