New Samsung Phones Coming Out In 2014

New Samsung Phone coming out in 2014. Undoubtedly, Samsung is one of the best communities in smartphones area presently, the Japanese community going to come with amazing new phones coming out in 2014 with high technology, these new Samsung phones coming out some of them will be famous and achieve fictional sales and ones of these new Samsung phones coming out will fail in the market by virtue of the competition between giant communities such as Apple and Sony also HTC. Anyhow, in this article we will provide to our audience yes you best new Samsung phones coming out in 2014, this phones are Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 also Galaxy Round, we will divide them in details and one by one and by arrangement as it mentioned above.

1- Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5

This new Samsung phone will come by awaiting of the world, whether you every smartphones lover or geek, seller that question. What is the phone you are waiting for in 2014 ? For sure the answer would be Samsung Galaxy S5, what if I tell you that this phone is famous before the releasing, it embodies something which is this phone from the first time will achieve fantastic sales, it is expected. Anyhow, let us see what are the specifications will this new Samsung phone coming out with:

STORAGE: 64GB internal
OS: Android 4.4 KitKat
QUALITY: Premium metal design
DISPLAY: 5.2-inch screen
PROCESSOR: 64-bit processor with min 2.0+ GHz OCTA CORE

Amazing phone right ? Of course yes! This new Samsung phone coming out in 2014 will release sometime between March and April 2014. If you are one of those who love Samsung smartphones surely you are waiting for it as well. Anyway, we already made an amazing article about this New Samsung Galaxy S5 If you are interested in this product you wanna know every detail, we recommend for you to READ MORE ..

2- Samsung Galaxy Note 4 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As we know the NOTE series have a good reputation in smartphone market by virtue of their quality and specifications, I have a lovely story with the Galaxy Note 2 which is the best phone I have ever had. Why ? It had answered all my desires for a perfect smartphone and I still love having one. Yet, now Galaxy Note 4 how will be and when we can obtain this new Samsung phone coming out, this phone will come with triptych screen according to vice President for portable devices sector. Currently, the information about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are kind of limited, you stay tuned until we give all the details in the upcoming days. We barely have some specifications but we didn't dare to provide you with them because they aren't trusted ones, stay in touch in Samsung section.
About the date release of this new Samsung new phone coming out in 2014, according to reports noted the South Korean tech leader, planning to release the phone in September 2014.

3- Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

Galaxy Round has announced simultaneously with LG G Flex recently, which varies with the presumption ( LG G Flex ) only in the tendency of the curves. That was out of the blue between Samsung and LG. Anyway, this new Samsung phone will come with good specifications also the first curved screen will Samsung release as well, we brought a video below which embodies round stuff are similar in flexibility with Samsung Round, this new phone will come with 7.9mm thick, weighs 154g, and has a 2800mAh battery. The camera is 13 megapixels, like the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, and the phone runs Android 4.3 atop 3GB of RAM and a 2.3GHz quad-core processor. More Specs ..

As we discussed above the phone is Samsung's first curved screen phone. Now, let the video talk :)

Now, we are almost going to finish our article about best new Samsung phones coming out in 2014 which provides Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Round. By the way, there are lot of upcoming phones from Samsung not these three, but the above ones are the most popular, you can see also Galaxy J and Grand 2 also Godiva and much more HERE. Finally, don't hesitate to be one of our subscribers and enjoy all the new phones that coming out.

Heberger image
Heberger image

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